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Zoe-Aline Howard (She/Her)

Literary Agent | Howland Literary Agency

Please contact Zoe-Aline Howard for the following:

  • Media Requests (podcasts, published interviews, etc.) 

  • Blurb Requests 

  • Fiction or essay commissions

  • Speaking engagements 

  • Rights & Permissions for Bird Suit and Bad Kids (foreign literary, film/TV, audiobook)

Rights & Permissions for The Pump

Norm Nehmetallah (He/Him)
Publisher | Invisible Publishing

Please note that I do not respond to any blurb requests, rights inquiries, interview requests, or literary event requests through my social media DMs/PMs or through my personal email. Please send your inquiry to either Zoe or Norm depending on the nature of your request, and they will contact me with any required information. If you are unsure which of them to send your request to, please contact Zoe. 

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