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"The First Martyr", Earth and Altar Magazine, April 2023

“The Great Iconoclast”, EVENT Magazine, March 2023 

"Cam modelling helped me work through my gender dysphoria", Xtra Magazine, January 2023 

"Reading Stephen King’s ‘It’ As a Child Confused My Sense of Justice" Catapult, Fall 2022 

"I Can’t Separate My Writing and My Diagnosis", Electric Literature, 2022  

"I Thought I’d Never Find Love After My DID Diagnosis", Catapult , July 2022 

"Memento", River River Journal, Issue 7, 2018 


“Dirt Mouth”, Room Magazine, 2023 

​"La Gelure (or Frostbite)", Holiday Exclusive, Invisible Publishing, December 2021 

"Mal Aux Dents (Or Toothache)", American Chordata 10, 2020

"Life-Giver", Thorn Literary Magazine, Summer 2020 

"Pelargonia", The Gateway Review, Volume 4 Issue 1, 2018 
"Vellum", Coffin Bell , 2018

"Giraffes Don't Like The Cold", Occasus Literary Journal, Issue 6, 2016


"little dogs', "The Turkey Dump", Vita Poetica, Summer 2023 

"When did you first realize that you weren’t alone in your head?”, CV2, Summer 2023 

"The Last Thing I Will See Before I Die", The Portland Review, February 2022

5G Venus", The Quarantine Review, 2021 

"Liberty", Synaeresis Magazine, Harmonia Press, 2019 

"Jodie or How to be a Londoner", ​The Temz Review, Winter 2019
"re: cam show", 
The Temz Review, Winter 2019 
The Temz Review, Winter 2019 

"Magic", The Temz Review, Winter 2019 

"Scratched CD", The Temz Review, Winter 2019  

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